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Meet Luke Gamble

Luke Gamble caring for a baby elephant

Where it all began!

Luke started Worldwide Veterinary Service in 2003, to make sure animals all over the planet are cared for. He launched Young Vets Club as a way to get young people involved in protecting animals, now and in the future.

Luke has been a vet since 1999, treating everything from dogs to rhinos. He has starred in several TV programmes including the Vet Adventures series on Sky One and Discovery.

Luke Gamble

Awesome adventures!

Luke has travelled the world, caring for animals in need, and has had some truly amazing adventures. From teaching a sloth to poo to meeting monkeys and macaws in Peru!

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Luke Gamble

Latest news!

Luke's latest adventure has been writing his own children's book, The Secret Animal Society, which follows the adventures of a curious young girl, her eccentric uncle and a secret vet practice that protects some very magical animals!

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The Secret Animal Society