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How to become a Vet or Vet Nurse

A vet during surgery

How to become a vet

Vets are the doctors of the animal world!

A vet looks after sick and injured animals, treating them with medicine or performing operations to make them better. They also check the general health of animals to make sure they haven't got any other problems. It can be a difficult job with lots of different cases each day to keep you on your toes and you may have to go out and visit some of your patients, so it is never boring!

If you want to become a vet, you need to show a passion for animals, and the willingness to study and sometimes work long hours! You will need to complete a degree at University to become a vet and there are many that offer veterinary courses so take your time looking around each one before choosing which University is right for you. These are usually five year courses and will cover all kinds of information and skills needed to understand and treat animals.

You will also need to work in a real veterinary practice as part of your studies, to help put what you've been learning into practice. This will include experience in different areas of veterinary work, from general practice treating household pets, to farm animals or even more exotic wildlife! Once qualified, you will need to choose which area you are going to specialize in, and then you'll be on your way to becoming a vet!

How to become a vet

How to become a vet nurse

Vet Nurses are the nurses of the animal world!

A veterinary nurse is someone that cares for sick and injured animals big and small. It is a very hands-on job with lots of tasks including cleaning, assisting the Veterinary Surgeon with operations and comforting patients. Although it can be a difficult job with long hours and many ups and downs, it can also be very rewarding to see patients getting better day-by-day.

It is a very competitive field and so if you want to become a Veterinary Nurse you have to be motivated and committed to be able to achieve your goal. There are many routes to gain a Veterinary Nursing qualification whether it be through University, College or on the job training. They are all slightly different and it's good to research and decide which route is best for you.

As well as achieving the required grades, it is also very good to gain as much experience as possible as this is what will make you stand out as the perfect applicant. This could be a weekend job at a kennels, walking dogs for your neighbours or voluntary work experience within a veterinary practice. Any experience with animals proves your enthusiasm and will help you get where you want to be.

How to become a vet nurse