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Here we create fun, educational weekly challenges for you to take part in during school holidays. From crafting a big blue whale from bottle caps to finding out about the seven most deadliest creatures, each week's challenge has something for everyone. Be part of the adventure and tackle this challenge below!

28/08/2020 12pm

For the main challenge, you will need a coat hanger or sticks to make the frame for your mobile, as well as string or wool, paper, card or other material to make the bats from.

This week’s theme celebrates the fascinating world of bats. The last weekend of August is International Bat Night which aims to highlight the need for bat conservation and their habitat. Despite the negative stereotypes surrounding bats, they’re extremely intelligent animals and play an important role in our environment.


make a bat-themed mobile

Do some research into the different species of bats and choose your favourites. Draw them, cut them out and hang them on strings to attach them to a coat hanger and create your mobile. Hint: Try to draw them to scale so you can show the different sizes of bats.

2. Echo location

Use drawings or pictures to explain how bats can find their way around and catch their prey in the dark using echo location.

3. Fascinating Facts

Find out and write down 5 fascinating facts about bats. You could illustrate your work to make it more eye-catching.

1. Environmental helpers

Bats are very important for our environment. Can you find out why?

4. Get creative

Make a model bat. Use some unusual materials to make your model. It could be a bat made from recycled materials, natural materials, edible materials, or anything else you can come up with!

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