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MANIDA is a shelter manager...

how long have you worked for wvs and why did you want to work for them?

I’ve been working here for four and a half years already. I have always loved animals and was thrilled to find a job that allowed me to help them, first as a vet nurse and now as shelter manager for the past year. To do what I love to do means a lot to me and it makes me very happy to work here.

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how many dogs are there at the shelter and how many live there permanently?

At the moment we have 80 resident shelter dogs who are available for adoption. In addition, we always have 30-40 sick or injured rescue dogs who stay here until their medical treatment is complete.

do you have any training/qualifications in working with dogs?

I’m a qualified vet nurse, trained by WVS veterinarians. I was fortunate to find this opportunity, as there are not many formal vet nursing programs in Thailand yet.

what do you enjoy most about your job?

I’m here for the dogs and get to know them well. When I see their lives improve, I am happy to know that I am part of those changes.

what do you find most challenging about the job?

Always moving forward – This job requires me to always improve the way we do things. That’s fun and challenging! 

Managing expectations – Sometimes members of the public don’t understand that we have limitations of funds and resources. We would like to help every dog immediately but we have to prioritize and stay focused on our mission.

do you have a favourite dog in the shelter and why is this dog your favourite?

Of course I love them all. But Logan is special because he always cheers me up. He’s very big, yet cute and funny. I love to cuddle him and he seems to enjoy it a lot.

can you describe what you do each day at the shelter?

- Checking the medical book list for the health status of all the dogs in the clinic.

- Making sure the shelter is ready to welcome visitors; that everything is organized and clean and everyone completed their duties.

- Making sure that all medications and treatments are given as prescribed by the vets. 

- Deal with people who bring an animals to the clinic, who call with inquiries or send messages. 

- Welcome visitors, and volunteers. 

- Manage rescue animasl brought in or ready for release. 

- Try to find the right home for every dog up for adoption.

- Plan and organize special event or fundraising activities.

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