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frank is a dog catcher...


frank is the team leader for one of the Mission Rabies catching teams. Frank and his team catch dogs for the Mission Rabies vaccination drives and for WVS.

how long have you been working for Mission Rabies?

I joined Mission Rabies 3 years ago after completing my Vet Assistant training.

what do you like most about the job?

I like it when the team is hand catching and vaccinating dogs that people own because then we can talk to people about their dogs and advise them.


how many people are their working in your team?

In each team we have 4 catchers and one vaccinator.


how many teams work in Goa?

We have a total of eight teams. There are two teams working in the south and two teams working in the north catching the free-roaming street dogs and another two in each vaccinating and treating the owned dogs.

how many dogs do you catch a day?

We can catch and vaccinate up to 150 dogs in a day or over one hundred in a morning