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how long have you worked as a vet nurse in malawi?

This time round I am here for 6 weeks. But previously I have been here for up to 4 months at a time. I have been back and forth to the UK for the past 3 years.

why did you decide to work with wvs?

I had a friend who recommended WVS as a reputable charity with lovely staff so I gave it a go. Once I started I loved it so much I just keep coming back. The organisation that goes into the projects is phenomenal and it is lovely to be part of something so big that really can change lives.


what is the best part of working in malawi?

I think it is the job satisfaction in knowing that if I wasn't there, these dogs would never receive any treatment. The owners are always so grateful even for something as small as deworming treatment.


what is the best thing about being a vet nurse?

It’s lovely to see the animals through each illness. An animal may come in close to death and we are then able to nurse them back to health; seeing that transformation to them leaving the clinic healthy with a wagging tail is lovely to be responsible for.


what do you find most challenging?

It’s always difficult when you have a case which you can't help. Whether it be because we don't have the right equipment or if the animal is just too sick; it is tough to see them suffer. Often the kindest treatment may be euthanasia. 


can you tell me something about the team you work with?

I have a wonderful team over here at the moment. It consists of two volunteer veterinarians (one from Italy and one from Ireland) and a volunteer veterinary nurse (UK). They are a great bunch of like-minded people who have been working fantastically together to treat as many animals as possible. We also have the local staff which consists of a receptionist, animal handlers and kennel assistants who look after the shelter animals as well as helping out in the clinic when it gets busy. I am never short of helping hands.


did you always want to be a vet nurse?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to work with animals. Initially I was drawn to becoming a veterinary surgeon, but after doing some work experience I realised that nursing was a better fit for me. There is more involvement with the patients and you get to see patients from the moment they come in to the moment they go home and the transformation is amazing. I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

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ellie is a vet nurse who makes sure that all our wvs trips go to plan. she is now in a country called malawi in africa!

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