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Dogs have an extraordinary sense of hearing, but what can they hear, and from how far away?

fast facts

  • Dogs have the best hearing. They have approximately four times more sensitive hearing than humans. That means they can hear better than we do!

  • IDogs can hear higher-pitch sounds. Because dogs have such sensitive hearing, they can hear things that we can’t. Have you heard about a special silent dog whistle? It makes a noise so high-pitched that our ears are unable to detect, but the dog’s ears can.

  • Dogs can hear sounds further away. They can not only hear sounds that are softer but those that are farther away, as far as a kilometre.

  • Dogs can hear quieter sounds. Ever wondered how your dog knows you’re about to walk through the front door, or that the postman is about to knock? With such sensitive hearing, dogs can detect softer sounds that we might miss. That’s why many make great guard dogs!

  • Dogs don’t like some sounds. Everyday noises like vacuum cleaners or power drills can seem much louder to dogs. If they haven’t heard these sounds before or if they aren’t used to them, it may make them feel scared or nervous.

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