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School Cartoon Competition

Matt's Story

This is the story of Matt, a cheetah who lives in Majete Wildlife Reserve in Africa.


Cheetahs are large cats which are native to Africa and central Iran. They are the fastest land animal on the planet reaching speeds of over 120 km/h.


Sadly, the species is in decline, as a result of being hunted by humans and having their habitats destroyed. They are already considered extinct in a number of countries including Ghana, Sierra Leone and India and are classed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. 


Matt's story

Matt, a cheetah who lives in Majete Wildlife Reserve in Africa, is one of the animals that the WVS vets help to keep safe with the use of tracking collars.


If an animal becomes sick, injured or in danger, telemetry collars mean that the park rangers are alerted, and our vets can quickly provide veterinary care. One day, the monitoring team were worried about Matt after picking up that he had not been moving for a long period of time, so they went to find him. He was found badly injured and unable to walk.


The park rangers and WVS vets worked together to keep him safe, treat his injuries and once he was ready, return him home to the reserve.

By joining this competition, you are supporting us so we can help animals like Matt around the world.

About Young Vets Club

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Young Vets Club is a club for all young animal lovers and teaches children about animal welfare all over the world. It is part of international charity Worldwide Veterinary Service which provides veterinary care all over the world to animals which otherwise would not have any.

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