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This summer we have some fun, educational animal themed weekly challenges for you to take part in during school holidays. From creating a squirrel obstacle course to finding out about the anatomy of a dog, each week's challenge has something for everyone.

Banana Leaves

squirrel obstacle course

week 4

Animals are brilliant at adapting to their environment to survive.  

Squirrels can climb over challenging obstacles and jump up to five feet from the ground in order to find food!  


the challenge

We would like you to create an obstacle course that would test a squirrel's climbing and jumping ability! You can create it in a garden, park, or even in your house, just make sure you pack it away once you are done. This will keep squirrels and other wildlife safe.


There are all sorts of things that you could use to create your course. Create a bridge between two chairs or use string to add swinging obstacles - it’s time to get creative!  

what you will need:


You can use anything you like to make your course. You could use cardboard boxes, string, twigs or leaves. Make sure you get an adult to help with you any difficult bits like cutting!


did you know?


You can make sure your garden is squirrel friendly by taking extra care to tidy up any litter which could trap wildlife. 

make sure you tidy up

Don't forget to pack away your course after you have taken a photo of it. This will make sure squirrels and other wildlife don't get caught up or injured. 

how to complete the challenge:

Show us what you did! You can do this by taking photos of your course, you can even put some of your toys on it too. Simply email everything to*

*Please note: In line with our child safeguarding policy, we will not publish any photo that includes a child’s face in the image without permission from the parent or guardian. If you would like to give permission, please download the consent form below, fill it in, and attach it to your email to us.

looking for more?

We've got six action-packed challenges to keep you exploring the world around you this summer, with one every week until the end of August. Missed a challenge? Or can't wait for the next one? Don't worry, you can find them all right here.

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