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This summer we have some fun, educational animal themed weekly challenges for you to take part in during school holidays. From creating a squirrel obstacle course to finding out about the anatomy of a dog, each week's challenge has something for everyone.

Banana Leaves

world elephant day

week 3

Did you know that Friday the 12th of August is World Elephant Day? To celebrate we are asking you to write a poem all about elephants, we have even included some elephant facts to help you get started!

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our biggest patients

At WVS, we help all different kinds of animals – both very small and very large – in locations all around the globe. 

Sadly, elephant populations are in decline and they are one of the world’s most endangered species. This is why it’s so important to raise awareness about these wonderfully unique animals.  

did you know?

The elephant is the world's largest land animal, and there are two main species of elephant – the African elephant and the Asian elephant.   


African Elephant


Asian Elephant

The African elephant is larger in size and has much larger ears compared to the Asian elephant.   

how to complete the challenge:

To mark World Elephant Day, we’d like you to write a short poem about elephants - highlighting how amazing they are.  


See if you can find out some interesting facts to include!  

Send your poem to and it could be featured in an upcoming magazine. We cannot wait to read them! 

looking for more?

We've got six action-packed challenges to keep you exploring the world around you this summer, with one every week until the end of August. Missed a challenge? Or can't wait for the next one? Don't worry, you can find them all right here.

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