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Image by Erol Ahmed
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This summer we will have some fun, animal themed weekly challenges for you to take part in during school holidays. From animal quizzes to building a bee hotel, each week's challenge has something for everyone.

Banana Leaves

rubbish animals

week 6

It is time to get creative! We have three fun animal templates to choose from to allow you to make your very own animals, using items that would be thrown away! Ask a parent or guardian to help you.

20230718_132935 edit.jpg

what you will need:

• Scissors
• Coloured card
• Glue stick, PVA glue or glue gun

• Pen

• Bottles, kitchen roll tubes, or anything else you want to use!


what to do:

  1. Choose which animal you would like to make and print out one of our online templates (below).

  2. Carefully cut out the body parts from your chosen template (ask an adult to help you).

  3. Place the body parts onto a piece of coloured card and trace around them.

  4. Use the scissors to cut out the shapes on the coloured card (ask an adult to help you).

  5. If you’d like to draw anything onto your card body parts, you can do that now.

  6. Using the glue stick, attach the body parts to the items you have chosen! You may need to fold one edge of the card to give an area for the glue to be applied to. Dashed lines show where to fold.

  7. Let the glue dry for a little while and then your balloon animal is complete!

Rubbish animal image.jpg

how to complete the challenge:

Show us what you did! You can do this by taking photos of your rubbish animals, and telling us all about them! Simply email everything to*

*Please note: In line with our child safeguarding policy, we will not publish any photo that includes a child’s face in the image without permission from the parent or guardian. If you would like to give permission, please download the consent form below, fill it in, and attach it to your email to us.

looking for more?

We've got six action-packed challenges to keep you exploring the world around you this summer, with one every week until the end of August. Missed a challenge? Or can't wait for the next one? Don't worry, you can find them all right here.

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