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This summer we will have some fun, animal themed weekly challenges for you to take part in during school holidays. From animal quizzes to building a bee hotel, each week's challenge has something for everyone.

Banana Leaves

build a bee and bee

week 5

Can you help to look after our buzzy friends?
Bees are incredibly important to your local ecosystem as they pollinate many trees and plants.

Can you build a bee hotel to provide them with a safe space near where you live?


what to do

  1. Gather the bamboo canes and stems of different diameters. With the help of an adult, use secateurs to cut these to the correct length to fit inside your chosen container. Try to ensure there are no sharp bits on the canes and stems that bees could catch themselves on.

  2. Slot the canes and stems into your chosen container so it is tightly packed.

  3. If you would like to paint your container a nice bright colour or with a design, now is the time!

  4. Use the string to secure your bee hotel to a location outside. You could attach it to a tree or garden fence – just make sure it’s at least one meter off the ground and well secured. If it is close to some of a bee’s favourite flowers, even better.

  5. Keep a look out for visitors to your bee hotel. Over time you may notice some of the holes have been filled with mud or leaves which means bees have started to lay eggs there! 

what you'll need

  • Hollow bamboo canes and stems
    (collect ones of different diameters)

  • Container (a tin can, wooden box, or small plant pot will work well)

  • Secateurs (ask an adult to help with any cutting)

  • String

  • Optional - Animal friendly paints

bee hotel.jpg

Place your bee hotel in full sun or partial shade and try to keep your bee hotel dry where possible.

top tip

It is better to have multiple small bee hotels rather than one large one, as this helps to stop the spread of diseases.

top tip

how to complete the challenge:

We’d love to see your work! When you have finished, send us a photo of your creation.

Simply email everything to

*Please note: In line with our child safeguarding policy, we will not publish any photo that includes a child’s face in the image without permission from the parent or guardian. If you would like to give permission, please download the consent form below, fill it in, and attach it to your email to us.

looking for more?

We've got six action-packed challenges to keep you exploring the world around you this summer, with one every week until the end of August. Missed a challenge? Or can't wait for the next one? Don't worry, you can find them all right here.

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